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Call us Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.30pm
01494 88 22 34
E-mail - sales@blueskieswatersystems.co.uk
We will be exhibiting at the "The Garden Show" at Standsted House in Sussex P09 6DX. 9-11 June 2017
We have a couple of free tickets if anyone would like them.

We can advise and install irrigation systems for the South Buckinghamshire area.
Call Alex on 07752343968 for a chat.

Claber have introduced a new solar powered automatic watering kit that works with a water butt.
This will water up to 20 plants. Ideal for a patio with hanging baskets and pots.


Vouchers are now available for friends and family for birthdays, mother's day, father's day or just because you think someone needs their garden watering!

If you need any advice on irrigation and garden watering please contact us on 01494 882234