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Welcome to Blue Skies Water Systems, a one stop solution to watering your garden all year round. 

With 20 years of landscaping experience, Alex has a wealth of knowledge of gardens and plants and will offer tailored advice according to clients requirements for their garden. 

An automated irrigation system provides you with hassle free garden watering, leaving you to sit back and watch your garden flourish.

How irrigation can help your garden.

Choosing to invest in an irrigation system provides you with the following.

  • Saves time – No more hand watering and less garden maintenance needed as weed growth is minimised.
  • Saves water – Precise watering at the roots where plants need it most.
  • Saves money - Water is used sparingly only watering the specific plant and not the area surrounding it.

We can also advise on rain water harvesting and solar powered operation.

Irrigation system to suit every garden

We offer a bespoke solution, tailored to you and the exact irrigation requirements of your garden.

From consultation to survey, to designing a system and finally installing it, we look after our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. We then offer an aftercare service contract of ongoing maintenance and support. This includes both a winter shutdown and a system restart in spring as well as checking for any minor repairs.  

You can be confident that an irrigation system will offer you and your garden peace of mind year after year.

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