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2 GPH pressure compensating drippers - PC8010

2 GPH pressure compensating drippers

Price: £5.50
End of line drippers for watering hanging baskets, pots and containers. Position them exactly where you want.

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Raindrip
MPN: PC8010

For landscape and container plants. Maintains a constant flow rate even on hillsides or long circuits. Ideal for light soil. The rewards of drip watering are efficiency, and effectiveness. Every plant gets exactly what it needs and you save water, time and money. With this system you will get:

  • Precise, even drip watering
  • Faster growth & healthier plants
  • Up to 70% less water usage
  • Greater yields & fewer weeds RAINDRIP Drippers are the leader in the industry for reliability, accuracy and versatility. There is a unique dripper design for every watering need.

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