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6mm Double Barbed Connector

Straight connector for 6mm irrigation pipe and to add to 16mm tube.

From: £0.25
6mm Double Barbed Elbow

Elbow connector for 6mm irrigation pipe

6mm Double Barbed In-line Valve

In line valve for 6mm tube - reduces the flow of water to irrigation system

From: £1.45
6mm Double Barbed Tee

Tee connector for 6mm irrigation pipe

From: £0.25
6mm plastic support stakes

6mm Stake to secure 6mm irrigation tube

From: £2.99
6mm Tube End Clamp

Stop end for 6mm irrigation tube, easy to use just kink the tube and close of end .

From: £0.75
6mm Tubing Support Clamps

Clamps the 6mm irrigation tube to walls and posts.

From: £0.99
6mm tubing tap connector

Connector for garden tap to 6mm irrigation tube

Hydroport Adjustable 8 Outlet Manifold

Multi dripper outlet 16mm inlet with 8 1/4mm outlets.