About Us

Blue Skies Water Systems has been operating for over 11 years and supply irrigation products to the general public, commercial customers and country estates.
We also operate as a garden landscaping business (Blue Skies Garden Services Ltd) but with a continuing demand for the installation of garden irrigation, we have expanded to meet this demand. 

As Blue Skies Garden Services Ltd we have been offering a garden landscape service in Buckinghamshire for over 18 years, and for 11 of those years have been installing irrigation products in our customer’s gardens. 

The majority of our products are manufactured by Raindrip, the market leaders in irrigation in the United States and are predominantly designed for the small garden market and DIY enthusiast. Hunter, Claber and mist and cool products are also within our product range.

All of our products are held in stock and if you have any questions regarding garden irrigation and water harvesting, contact us and we will be pleased to offer personal attention to those needing help and advice. You will find our details under 'Contact us'. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and happy gardening. 

Alex Brown
Director - Blue Skies Water Systems

 BLUE SKIES GARDEN SERVICES - UK Garden services offered to customers in the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire areas. Including irrigation installation.

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