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Drippers -Bubblers - Sprayers

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A bubbler is another name for a sprinkler. The water though is less of a spray and has more of a 'bubbling texture'. 

Bubblers are used for higher flow rates required when watering large and small plants on the same circuit, each can be controlled using a valve on the top of unit to regulate the flow of water


Bubblers are compatible with 6mm tubing.


Drippers give a steady flow of water drops directly into the plants in your garden, whether they be in the ground, in pots or in baskets. Your watering system can be adapted to any garden arrangement you choose and any shape of garden you have. To be used with 6mm tubing

If you add an automatic timer to your drip watering system, this will make the whole system self-sufficient and you need never hand-water again.

A range of sprayers and spray heads that can be connected to our 6mm irrigation system. Sprinklers and sprayers are also ideal for special needs such as ground cover, hillsides, flower beds, new plantings and seed germination.
SPRINKLERS - from garden hose

These sprinklers will water lage areas of grass / plant borders / large shrubs.

All fit onto standard garden hose fitting.

Can be connected to timer for automatic watering.