How Garden Irrigation can help you

The common misconception in the UK is that the last thing we need to do in our gardens is water it. But because of our weather which can be unpredictable, (downpour one minute, sunshine the next), it is precisely this cycle of drench or drought that needs to be rectified. A garden irrigation system delivers a slow, steady drip of water directly to the roots of the plants or various spray and sprinkler products are available too. All result in stronger, healthier plants and most importantly, save water. Our products will save you time by automatically watering your garden and save you money (especially if you are on a water meter). 

Why buy from us though?

1. Blue Skies Water Systems are specialists in garden irrigation supplying high quality, easy-to-install products to the keen gardener to the large country estate.The majority of our products are manufactured by Rainbird, the market leaders in irrigation in the United States.
2. The garden irrigation kits provide you with all that’s required for a basic installation, although you can add individual components to increase the size of your system and incorporate seasonal pots, planters and hanging baskets.
3. Our products, in comparison to others on the market, are surprisingly easy to install. We’re always on the phone to help with any problems and we also have registered landscapers available to install for you if you’re prefer. 
4. We are constantly looking for new products that are not only useful in the garden, but are environmentally conscious. We know that rainwater is widely recognised as the best source of water for irrigation so we sell rainwater harvesting containers, which when equipped with a pump and irrigation kit, make your garden totally self sufficient.
5. We stock Mist & Cool products which use misting and evaporative cooling to cool, clean, condition and humidify the air. Misting is also used for greenhouses and cooling down patios, people and pets. An added benefit is that the mist also repels flying insects - ideal in summer.

Irrigation Installation

We are now offering an installation service to supply and fit our systems in your garden. 

Call us to talk about how we can provide a stress free service and provide your garden with an irrigation system that it deserves. 

Call Alex on 01494 88 22 34 or 07752 343968 

Blue Skies Water Systems currently only offer this service in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas but we have installers in other areas of the country, including London and Surrey, who can install for you. Call the above number and we can discuss your requirements.

Most of the products on our website are for the smaller garden and for the DIY market however we can provide installation / consultancy services and servicing for larger multi zone systems using Rainbird and K Rain products. Again, call us and we can discuss your requirements.