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Mini In-line dripper 1/2 GPH - 11605

Mini In-line dripper 1/2 GPH

Price: £5.50
Garden irrigation button dripper delivering 1/2 gallon of water p[er hour

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Raindrip
MPN: 11605

Partially pressure compensating ½ GPH drippers for use in shorter circuits. Perfect for potted plants, greenhouses and for watering growbags. Easily connected within lengths of 1/4'' tubing. The rewards of drip watering are efficiency, and effectiveness. Every plant gets exactly what it needs and you save water, time and money.

With this system you will get:

  • Precise, even drip watering
  • Faster growth & healthier plants
  • Up to 70% less water usage
  • Greater yields & fewer weeds

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