We offer a bespoke solution, tailored to you and your exact irrigation requirements of your garden. From consultation to survey, to designing a system and installation, as well as our aftercare service of ongoing maintenance and support; We look after our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. Once your system has been designed to your specific requirements and installed, we are then here for you to adjust the system as required. We can also offer both a winter shutdown and a system restart in spring as well as checking for any minor repairs.  You can be confident that a Blue Skies Water System will offer you and your garden peace of mind year after year.


The first step is to arrange a garden consultation with us. we will make a visit in person to survey your garden, to understand the needs of your outdoor space, we will consider every unique aspect of your requirements. This includes the size and scope of your lawn, pots and flower beds, the types of plants you have and how they should be watered as well as how you use your garden. He will take measurements to ensure accurate estimations of materials required can be made. 


Once the consultation has taken place, we can create a design tailored to both your needs and requirements. A copy of the design can be offered to you once install is completed, as changes can occur during install.


Taking into consideration all the information gained during the above two stages, We will provide you with an accurate quotation at this stage, this is issued to you with no obligation. When you are happy to go ahead and the quotation has been approved, we will then schedule your installation at a date and time that suits you best.


Our team of engineers will be sent to your garden to begin the installation process. We pride ourselves in treating your property from start to finish with the utmost respect. We can assure you that once we have completed the installation in your garden it will look like we have never been there!

After Care Maintenance

We can offer maintenance once installation has been completed. This involves a pre-Winter shut down to prevent any frost damage to the pipes and a pre-Spring restart and damage check. We will take the opportunity to check all parts and replace where necessary to guarantee faultless performance of your irrigation system during the Spring and Summer months.