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Timers - Automatic water controllers

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CLABER Aquauno Logica + 8411 Water Timer

The Claber Logica automatic garden water timer - can be used with a rain sensor

CLABER Aquauno Video 2 Plus Automatic

Digital automatic garden watering - complete control for garden irrigation system 

CLABER Duplo twin digital 8410 water control

Twin timer to operate two areas of the gardens watering system

Claber Tempo Select Timer

Garden irrigation automatic digital timer

Hydro 4 System - Claber 4 way timer

Multi outlet under ground 4 zone irrigation timer

Multi Zone timer - Claber         OUT OF STOCK

Multi Zone automatic controller - Claber

Claber Radio Frequency Rain Sensor Interface.

Garden watering rain sensor interface to use with rain sensor

CLABER Rain sensor

Rain Sensor water saver

Mechanical water timer

Mechanical water timer - No batteries required - Switch off automatically.